San Francisco Palomar

Dawson Design Associates - San Francisco, CA


Elevator cabs fabricated of blackened steel overlaid on brushed aluminum panels.

Illusion Wall - Graphic that spans 7 stepped soffits, which can not be clearly seen from one direction but is fully visible from the opposite.

Sign for Dirty Habit bourbon bar, approximately 7’ square. Blackened steel and mesh with rows of LED lights.

Binoculars cast in Portland concrete.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge we were commissioned by the hotel to create an entire room of Golden Gate Bridge art. A hand painted headboard, vintage construction prints on pillows, assemblages of bridge artwork and a graphic of the bridge applied to the windows completed the room. But our favorite part was the graphic that greeted you as you walked down the corridor to enter the room –a tromp l’oeil of the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza complete with toll booths and fast track!